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Black Women Magazine Guide

Black Women Magazine Guide features the eight black magazines for empowerment, inspiration and business.

Oprah Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Jet Magazine & African American Golfer Digest are all founded, or headed by powerful black women. Click any image to subscribe to these black women power magazines and be in the know.

Oprah Magazine O, The Oprah Magazine

O The Oprah Magazine is a monthly magazine in its 13th year, it reaches over 16 million readers. Founded by Oprah Winfrey. The magazine encourages confident, intelligent women to reach for their dreams and make choices that will lead to happier and more fulfilling lives. With an emphasis on personal growth, the magazine inspires, addressing every aspect of a woman’s life.

Founder of Oprah Magazine.

Oprah Winfrey
Founder of Oprah Magazine.








Ebony Magazine Ebony

EBONY is a monthly magazine in its 66th year, it reaches close to 11-million readers. Amy D. Barnett, Editor-in-Chief ‘EBONY features the best thinkers, trendsetters, hottest celebrities and next-generation leaders promotes empowerment and celebrates aspiration’

Amy Barnett

Amy Barnett
Editor-in-Chief, Ebony Magazine








Jet Magazine Jet Magazine

JET Magazine is monthly magazine in its 62nd year that reaches over 7 million readers. Linda Johnson Rice is Chairman and Desirée Rogers is Chief Executive Officer. Jet provides authoritative, credible and entertaining information to the Black community.

Linda Johnson

Linda Johnson
Jet Chairman








African American Golfer Digest Magazine African American Golfer's Digest

African American Golfers Digest quarterly magazines is in its 10th Year and reaches over 80,000 readers each quarter.

Debert Cook, CMP is theFounder/Publisher/ Editor-In-Chief.

The African American Golfers Digest focuses on news, tips, information and activities in the “soulful” world of golf including travel destinations, golf course reviews, product and equipment reviews and youth/teen and professional golfer profiles. debert-cook





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